The 7STARS system is an exclusive QFort product. It is the ideal option for reducing the energy consumption in your dwelling by using the PlanistarSun glass as standard. In addition, the 7STARS system has an appealing design (classic – straight) provided by the hidden hinges, which are also offered in the standard version.

Other technical specifications:

  • PVC profiles with 7 chambers both in the sill and in the frame
  • width of PVC profiles: 85 mm (mounting depth)
  • thickness of the outer wall of PVC profiles ≥ 2.5 mm
  • class S profile, certified for use even during extreme weather conditions in severe climates
  • galvanized steel reinforcement: 1.25 mm – 3.2 mm
  • three types of gaskets
  • easy to clean
  • very high tightness against wind, rain and dust



The 7STARS system is an exclusive QFort product. It is the i

QFort View

QFort View. Or, in other words, how you can see up to 29% more of that astonishing rainbow or the amazing view of the city at dusk.

This type of window, produced exclusively by QFort, has the smallest reduced node for a 70mm system (PVC profiles) and the smallest sill frame refurbishment ensemble. Thanks to all these innovations, you enjoy the largest glass surface compared to other windows with PVC profiles in the same category. All this at a standard window price.

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