The 5STARS profile is the most flexible alternative in terms of customization options, according to the customer’s preferences and needs.

This type of profile is certified even for dwellings located in areas with severe climates due to its high tightness that prevents air, water and dust from infiltrating while the window is closed.

  • PVC profile with 5 chambers
  • width of profiles: 70 mm (mounting depth)
  • thickness of the outer wall of PVC profiles ≥ 2.8 mm
  • modern design (rounded)
  • galvanized steel reinforcement: 1.5 mm – 3 mm
  • easy to clean
  • two types of gaskets



The 5STARS profile is the most flexible alternative in terms

Special opening systems


The QFort sliding doors provide more room space because the sliding system opens the door in a parallel plane, thus saving a considerable amount of space. At the same time, the sliding system is silent and easy to handle.

Depending on the opening system, the sliding systems can be: slide and swing, tilt and slide or lift and slide:

  1. The swing and slide systems combine the advantages of a classic opening with those of a sliding system – they provide effective ventilation by saving space.
  2. The tilt and slide system is very practical for room with heavy traffic or those that require a large entry space because it is easy to use and wear-resistant.
  3. The lift and slide systems can create a large glass surface without any support elements that obstruct the light.



The folding systems make it possible to create a space with a large glass surface. Moreover, they facilitate the opening of the entire surface, unobstructed by stationary parts. This type of system is recommended in situations where need more than three frames would be needed to close the glass. The biggest advantage of this type of system is the fact that it’s a space-saver when the doors or windows are left open.


The hinges for this pivoting system are mounted on the sides, allowing the window to rotate horizontally around its axis. This system makes the window very easy to clean and maintain due to easy access to the entire glass surface.

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