The 5STARS profile is the most flexible alternative in terms of customization options, according to the customer’s preferences and needs.

This type of profile is certified even for dwellings located in areas with severe climates due to its high tightness that prevents air, water and dust from infiltrating while the window is closed.

  • PVC profile with 5 chambers
  • width of profiles: 70 mm (mounting depth)
  • thickness of the outer wall of PVC profiles ≥ 2.8 mm
  • modern design (rounded)
  • galvanized steel reinforcement: 1.5 mm – 3 mm
  • easy to clean
  • two types of gaskets



The 5STARS profile is the most flexible alternative in terms


The windows were designed to offer you the possibility of communicating with the exterior, whilst maintaining your privacy. That’s why you can choose between different types of glass, depending on your priorities.

The SuperLowE glass (super low emissivity) reduces heat loss through windows during the cold season, improving the thermal insulating ability of the thermal insulated glass.

Planistar Sun is a deposited glass that has two main features: low emissivity (it reflects high wavelength infrared radiation) and solar control (it reflects much of the solar energy). This is a type of clear glass onto which a fine transparent layer of metallic material is deposited through a cathodic vacuum spraying process.

The Control Solar glass combines the advantages of SuperLowE glass with those of reflective glass: during summer it provides high solar protection by reducing the greenhouse effect inside the residence, while during the cold season it retains its thermal insulation properties. In addition, this glass has good light transmittance properties compared to all other types of reflective glass.

The laminated (duplex) safety or anti-burglary glass is comprised of two or more sheets of glass glued to each other with a transparent resin layer. The advantages of these types of glass are: increased security against burglary, effective sound insulation, reduced risk of accidents (it does not allow fragments to break off in case of breakage). In addition, this glass provides the best sound insulation compared to other types of glass.

The main role of the ornamental glass is to maintain your privacy. It has a good light transmittance factor and allows more light to pass into the room than reflective glass.

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